Author: Andy Murphy

  • Distance

    Does anyone ever think life is as fun after college as it is in college? If you went to Georgia Tech, then the answer is probably yes, but for everyone else it’s more of a unilateral no. Obviously the reasons for this are extensive, but I believe that they are not as clear as they […]

  • When is a Piggyback a Good Thing?

    Isn’t it funny how the winds of fate can change things in an instant? I sat down at my PC (strangely earlier than normal) to write a post about a completely different subject, and just before I came to the site I passed by a new ad featuring Wal-Mart’s new DVD rental-via-mail program. Netflix, one […]

  • Guys Night Out

    Have you ever had one of those weeks that felt insanely busy, only to turn it around with a pathetically lazy weekend? Come on, I know you have. For me, that’s what this weekend felt like…although I’m not sure if I was actually lazy or not. Perhaps I just felt like I was lazy. Or […]

  • Welcome!

    Thanks for coming! I know this form of communication is a bit different for many of you, but I believe you’re in for a pleasant surprise. But why, you ask? Why should you pay attention to a blog? It sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings. Well, the basic point of this blog […]