Thanks for coming! I know this form of communication is a bit different for many of you, but I believe you’re in for a pleasant surprise. But why, you ask? Why should you pay attention to a blog? It sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings.

Well, the basic point of this blog to help both you and me with the most difficult of obstacles–communication. This is because I, like many people, have fallen behind in my e-mails. Sometimes it’s just inevitable, as I spend most of my work day writing e-mail after e-mail, and as the working world continues to turn to e-mail as its only communication device, to feel less inclined to write after I get home. To further complicate things, there are about thirty people which I would like to send mail to consistently–people living everywhere from California to China! It’s crazy. Even with all this, I could still do it, but somehow the most frustrating part is that I feel like I often relay the same information countless times. Who wants to read my account of my Canada trip after I’ve already written that account ten other times? I’m not even sure who wants to read it the first time. 🙂

So just when I need assistance…enter the blog format! It mostly consists of a stream of posts, just like this one, filled with whatever information I choose to add on a given day. It is generally used on the web as an online journal of sorts, but I am not quite doing that with it; my main goal is just to help communicate what the heck I’m doing with my life at the moment. I have felt badly that many of you often have no idea. So in the event that you are wondering, this will be available to you from now on.

Now, I won’t promise it will be exhilarating or earth-shattering, but I do feel that I am just unique (or “special”, as I my Mom always put it) enough to keep it interesting. Hopefully you will agree.

One last important note here: I am not intending this to replace e-mail. It’s actually supposed to do just the opposite, in that I think putting the most common information here can help make the e-mails I do send more meaningful. I can spend that time writing about the things that most specifically apply to the person(s) I’m writing to. We shall see.

Well, thank you very much for listening, and for visiting the blog for the first time. I sincerely hope you find it useful.