Author: Andy Murphy

  • Corporate Key to Success #2: Entrance and Navigation

    (This is the second in a series of posts on Corporate Orientation.) Upon entering your shiny new corporate office building, you’ll immediately notice a couple of things.  First, your hopes will be dashed by the decal on the front door informing you that bombs and guns are not allowed in the building. No one covered […]

  • Corporate Keys to Success: An Orientation

    For anyone arriving at a corporation for the first time, overweight briefcase or purse in hand, it can be quite a shocking experience. Society simply does not do its part to prepare you for this, and most corporate orientations take place several weeks into your actual employment. The hopeful anticipation of the interview process evolves […]

  • Twitter vs. Facebook

    As both networks increasingly catch on within the masses (including everything from grandmothers to six year-olds), I hear more and more people express confusion about the differences between Twitter and Facebook.  Why use one and not the other?  Or should it be both?  Both sites let you keep in touch with friends, send private messages, […]

  • The Glass Ceiling of Chivalry

    Since the beginning of mankind, chivalry has held its head high as one of the great traditions of society. I’ve little doubt that if we could travel back through time, we’d see cavemen placing their companions closest to the fire, or Roman emperors ensuring that their wives had every luxury. In many men, there is […]

  • When Night Falls

    If you know me at all, then the odds are quite high that you’ve teased me about my odd sleeping habits. I certainly share in these laughs, because I know that I am not exactly normal in this regard. But I certainly don’t place a lot of value in being “normal.” You probably know that, […]

  • Live From the National Scrabble Championship

    So for those that are not aware, I am currently in Dayton, Ohio, competing in the National Scrabble Championship.  I’m not at all competing for the National Scrabble Championship, of course; I’ve only started playing in tournaments six months ago and am playing in a much lower division.  But it’s been some terrific competition, and […]

  • It’s Time To Start Thinking

    I am not a fan of leadership. This is probably something that startles most people.  Everything we’ve been taught states that leaders are desperately needed to provide direction, and to set people down the right path.  The greatest companies on Earth excel because of their leadership, after all.  In religion, leadership is tremendously vital, as […]

  • The Art of Creation

    Looking back, it’s difficult to believe that this blog is now on its fifty-sixth post. A lot of small ideas have come and gone, and I’ve certainly found quite a bit of amusement in doing it. And I think there will be a good many posts to come. On the surface, it seems a bit […]

  • Life For Granted

    As each day goes by, it’s human nature to focus squarely on what’s in front of you.  We do the dishes, we watch TV, we make phone calls, and we chase our animals around the house.  Life, paired so tightly with time, continues its never-ending journey forward.  And so we move forward along with it. There is, […]

  • The Things To Know About Facebook

    So you’ve heard of it before, and now you’re starting to really hear about it.  Then comes the dreaded, “Everyone else is doing it!”  Not wanting to be left out, you sign up, and you’re now staring at a hundred different things, all looking for your attention. No, you’re not Octomom.  You’re a Facebook user. […]