Looking back, it’s difficult to believe that this blog is now on its fifty-sixth post. A lot of small ideas have come and gone, and I’ve certainly found quite a bit of amusement in doing it. And I think there will be a good many posts to come. On the surface, it seems a bit like work writing these posts…but of course it isn’t. It’s fun, and energizing, and represents a lot of things that I can’t seem to find anywhere else.

It’s creativity.

I have to come to realize that more than anything, I enjoy the simple art of creating things. There’s nothing more exciting than turning a blank page into something vibrant with life–something that simply did not exist in this world before. (Of course, my parents had similar thoughts when they created me, and it’s hard to say whether or not they knew what they were getting into.) But there’s definitely a common theme when you look at a lot of the things that I enjoy:

Noting all of these things, it’s difficult to believe that many of you would not share the same sentiment, given the right circumstances.  So as you push your way through the day to day grind, always try to take a moment to stop reacting and start acting.   Find something that you can create to make a difference, even if it only makes a difference to you.

And in the process, you just might start opening the eyes of others, as well.