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  • Corporate Key to Success #4: Cubicle Decoration

    After arriving at your desk, still feeling the exhilaration of your first meeting, you suddenly realize that you have no idea how you’re supposed to decorate your cubicle. Don’t worry—this happens to everyone. Not surprisingly, your first moment of panic comes you realize that everyone will judge you by your new corporate home, just as […]

  • Corporate Key to Success #3: Meetings

    (This is the third in a series of posts on Corporate Orientation.) There is little doubt that the following is true: Corporations hold a tremendous amount of power in America, and this power has increased significantly in recent years. We often see it exercised in the form of large financial transactions, but where does the […]

  • Corporate Key to Success #2: Entrance and Navigation

    (This is the second in a series of posts on Corporate Orientation.) Upon entering your shiny new corporate office building, you’ll immediately notice a couple of things.  First, your hopes will be dashed by the decal on the front door informing you that bombs and guns are not allowed in the building. No one covered […]

  • Corporate Keys to Success: An Orientation

    For anyone arriving at a corporation for the first time, overweight briefcase or purse in hand, it can be quite a shocking experience. Society simply does not do its part to prepare you for this, and most corporate orientations take place several weeks into your actual employment. The hopeful anticipation of the interview process evolves […]

  • The Guide to Know Whether Or Not Your Roommates Have Fur

    Many of you out there have probably lived with a cat at some point. And I don’t mean those foxy ladies that slipped into your dorm room for a few days back in 1974. I mean actual cats. The kind that are full of hair and inconsistently bounce between “I love you” and “Dude, seriously, […]

  • Green Bay and Grey Goose

    For those that aren’t aware, my wife and I had the opportunity this past weekend of attending a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field (Wisconsin), thanks to my brother. Five of us made the trip, including my father and my brother’s girlfriend. All in all, it was a lot of fun–especially with a rowdy 38-7 […]

  • A Life of Champions

    Sports is a craze that has swept through our nation for years, bringing more elation than most mortals would have dreamed possible. Just as men are undeniably mystified when a woman cries over Steel Magnolias for the fourteenth time, many women are absolutely lost when understanding how one can combine big, sweaty men with some […]

  • Epiphany

    Everything is almost ready. At last. The largest church in the world sits dormant, but only for a a few hours–for this evening the world will experience the very reason for its existence. Nothing will compare to this. Entire counties of people will swoon, caught in the exhilaration of what can only be described as […]

  • Guys Night Out

    Have you ever had one of those weeks that felt insanely busy, only to turn it around with a pathetically lazy weekend? Come on, I know you have. For me, that’s what this weekend felt like…although I’m not sure if I was actually lazy or not. Perhaps I just felt like I was lazy. Or […]