I think most of you know that I am now a bona-fide Mac user, and in general this statement alone causes one of three reactions:

  1. You make the “Oh, God, it’s one of those snobby Mac lovers that is going to lecture me for ten minutes on why my computer sucks” face.
  2. You pump a fist in the air, in that geeky sort of no-arm-strength way, and reaffirm that we both rule (or in extreme cases you might kiss my mac).
  3. You stare at me as if I just talked about which paint I like to watch dry, and you go back to texting on your cell phone.

This debate has raged for years and years, never dying in its intensity.  In recent times, the edge of this war has become blurred by the unparalleled success of Apple’s iPod, which has created additional crossover success for Apple’s computer lineup.  But the war continues unabated.

The amusing thing, however, is that many users can’t give a definite reason why one is better than the other.  I have people ask me about this all the time, and I’ve slowly tried to work my way to a much better depiction of the two universes (since I have both types).  I’m also one of the rare people that say both Mac and PC are equally viable:  there are groups of people for which each is truly better.

So if you’re thinking of crossing over, but are filled with uncertainty in an uncertain world, here are what I think are the most important points to consider:

So if you’re thinking of making the switch, it might just be worth it, or it might not.  I do hope the above helps a bit.  For me, a fairly serious computer user, I am very glad I bought a Mac.  But my situation is not that of  many others, and I’d always advise everyone to carefully evaluate their own situation before forking out a lot of their hard-earned money.  Unless you run a Ponzi scheme, in which case you can do as you like.

The only case I’ll make a fervent pitch is the iPod Touch, which I am an avid fan of.  I do believe that might surface in a future post, where my love affair will publicly make itself known for the first time.