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  • When Night Falls

    If you know me at all, then the odds are quite high that you’ve teased me about my odd sleeping habits. I certainly share in these laughs, because I know that I am not exactly normal in this regard. But I certainly don’t place a lot of value in being “normal.” You probably know that, […]

  • It’s Time To Start Thinking

    I am not a fan of leadership. This is probably something that startles most people.  Everything we’ve been taught states that leaders are desperately needed to provide direction, and to set people down the right path.  The greatest companies on Earth excel because of their leadership, after all.  In religion, leadership is tremendously vital, as […]

  • The Art of Creation

    Looking back, it’s difficult to believe that this blog is now on its fifty-sixth post. A lot of small ideas have come and gone, and I’ve certainly found quite a bit of amusement in doing it. And I think there will be a good many posts to come. On the surface, it seems a bit […]

  • Life For Granted

    As each day goes by, it’s human nature to focus squarely on what’s in front of you.  We do the dishes, we watch TV, we make phone calls, and we chase our animals around the house.  Life, paired so tightly with time, continues its never-ending journey forward.  And so we move forward along with it. There is, […]

  • Posting For the Highest Bidder

    For the sake of argument, imagine the following, along with me: My blog has caught fire in recent months, and averages 50,000 readers each day (I realize this is a little low, but again, use your imagination).  I have an annoying hyperactive Geico lizard that zaps its tongue all over the page while you read, […]

  • The Guide to Know Whether Or Not Your Roommates Have Fur

    Many of you out there have probably lived with a cat at some point. And I don’t mean those foxy ladies that slipped into your dorm room for a few days back in 1974. I mean actual cats. The kind that are full of hair and inconsistently bounce between “I love you” and “Dude, seriously, […]

  • Green Bay and Grey Goose

    For those that aren’t aware, my wife and I had the opportunity this past weekend of attending a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field (Wisconsin), thanks to my brother. Five of us made the trip, including my father and my brother’s girlfriend. All in all, it was a lot of fun–especially with a rowdy 38-7 […]

  • The Digital Age (Part II)

    There hasn’t been this much excitement about a “To Be Continued…” event since Ross had to choose between Rachel and Julie! Thank you for the hundreds of letters that flooded our mailbox here at home. As a result, Part II is now here, sponsored by Coors Light. And what does Part II have to do […]

  • The Digital Age (Part I)

    Isn’t it funny how technology can literally change everything about how people interact? Not only the method, but the actual way in which we do it–such as what we say and how we say it. It happens very slowly over time, so that you don’t realize everything is different until you look back to where […]

  • A Life of Champions

    Sports is a craze that has swept through our nation for years, bringing more elation than most mortals would have dreamed possible. Just as men are undeniably mystified when a woman cries over Steel Magnolias for the fourteenth time, many women are absolutely lost when understanding how one can combine big, sweaty men with some […]