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  • The Digital Age (Part II)

    There hasn’t been this much excitement about a “To Be Continued…” event since Ross had to choose between Rachel and Julie! Thank you for the hundreds of letters that flooded our mailbox here at home. As a result, Part II is now here, sponsored by Coors Light. And what does Part II have to do […]

  • The Digital Age (Part I)

    Isn’t it funny how technology can literally change everything about how people interact? Not only the method, but the actual way in which we do it–such as what we say and how we say it. It happens very slowly over time, so that you don’t realize everything is different until you look back to where […]

  • What It Means To Be Republican

    I have no idea, because I’m not one. Next topic. Which is, thanks to Kurt Busch winning this past weekend’s Subway Fresh 500 at Phoenix International Raceway, the topic of geeks. Entire books have been written on the subject, but not a single person has read them: because if you’re not a geek, you don’t […]

  • Distance

    Does anyone ever think life is as fun after college as it is in college? If you went to Georgia Tech, then the answer is probably yes, but for everyone else it’s more of a unilateral no. Obviously the reasons for this are extensive, but I believe that they are not as clear as they […]

  • When is a Piggyback a Good Thing?

    Isn’t it funny how the winds of fate can change things in an instant? I sat down at my PC (strangely earlier than normal) to write a post about a completely different subject, and just before I came to the site I passed by a new ad featuring Wal-Mart’s new DVD rental-via-mail program. Netflix, one […]