For those that know me well, you’re probably thinking right now that this post has been a long time coming. Too long in coming. But it’s here now, and all I ask, honored guest, is that you read it with an open mind. Because it may change your life forever.

All right, so I have a flare for the dramatic.

The topic of this post is Lost, the breakthrough ABC series now in its third season. But first, the obvious question: why write at length about a TV show? What’s the big deal? Why must I seem like a giggling schoolgirl when I talk about it? Well, I will give you your answers, but first, the premise of the show:

An international flight, containing nearly 300 passengers, suffers communications trouble and is lost en route from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California. The plane unintentionally flies far off course…and then suffers a major catastrophe in mid-air. The tail of the plane completely tears free from the fuselage, and the fuselage crashes into the ocean next to a large deserted island (much as in Cast Away).

48 people survive the plane crash. Practically none of them know each other. A story of survival ensues, as the passengers come together and try to figure out how to return to civilization. In doing so, however, it is not long before they realize they are not alone on the island…and that their story of survival just got a lot more complicated.

An interesting premise, certainly. But the beauty of it is that ABC has taken this premise and turned Lost into what I believe is the greatest show on television. Ever. And to answer my original question above, here are the reasons why:

I know you’re thinking this is the world’s biggest sales pitch, and perhaps it is. 🙂 But I have enjoyed this show more than anything else I’ve ever watched, and I hear too many people saying, “Oh, I meant to watch that, but never did.” Jump in before it’s too late! Season 2 is already out as well, and we’re only two episodes into the third season.

Lost is truly a masterpiece. As my family and friends, I feel it is my responsibility to pass this onto you…do not neglect it. At least, not for something like Deal or No Deal. 😉